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Lily Pang Art

Friday, July 3, 2009

Moving My Store into a New Web Hosting Site

I have been very busy on some house hold staff and my new web site.

The thing that drives me very busy now is to set up a new web site for my store. Currently, I have my store created using Google Page Creator. I love it, because it is free, provides full control for me and it is very fast.

However, bad things happen now. Google is going to migrate my store to something call Google Site. It told me that I cannot do the things that I used to do in the new site.

The most important feature that I love is that Google Page Creator allows me to upload my own html file. I need this because I create my store using Dreamweaver in HTML. I also sometime host some other non sales pages such as friends photos and apartment rentals. If my store is moved to Google site, I cannot do something on Dreamweaver again. I don't like it because I feel that I loose a lot control to my store.

I need a new site to host my store. I did quite some search to find a good one. After evaluating many sites, I choose OrgFree.

My criteria for choosing it is simple. I need reasonable speed, easy ftp access, free web hosting, no ads on my pages and large storage space. I want it to be free at least while I am trying.

After trying many sites, I feel that OrgFree fits my criteria very well.

My new shop now is in Hostrator. It is not full-fledged yet, but the Laptop Skins, Jewelries and Magnets are all fine now.


Ruth said...

Happy new host-home! I just moved mine too - to LittleOakHosting. It isn't free but it's only $36 a year. They were get helping me get started - but for macs...

florcita said...

Well, I hope the transition goes well!
I design with dreamweaver too and I like that very muchmuch more control.
I pay for my domain and space and it is worth it... lots of traffic.
Hope it all goes well!
All settled after your vacations?