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Lily Pang Art

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer II Reductive Linocut Print

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I am surprised that I have managed to make three prints after coming back from vacation. I love cutting the lino mat.

I worked till 10:30pm last night to finish this Summer II print. Once start working on a piece, I have the urge to finish it. Otherwise, it is very difficult for me to go to sleep.

This is a a long version of lotus flower. It measures 6 x 11.5" /15 x 30cm. I find that the size is very nice for printmaking.
I made four editions of this print.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Reductive Linocut Print

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I am quite pleased with the result of the prints. The deep minty green is very pretty full of life of summer.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Work in Progress

Summer is the time when Lotus are blossom and in their most beautiful moment. I love the minty green leaves with the deep purple and pink flowers.

I made four editions in these reductive lino cut prints. I managed to complete two rounds of color today before it gets too dark to work any more.

One important factor about printmaking is to get the contrast of dark and light color right. The process of making reductive print is normally to print rounds of color on the same image from light to dark. If you cut too much in the beginning, the image will have too much light color. If you didn't cut enough, the image will have too much dark color. It is important to control the cutting while applying the corresponding round of color.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunset Lino-cut Print

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This is a reductive lino-cut print. I made limited 2 edition. I love cutting on the lino mat and apply colors one by one. You are looking forward to to see how the image transformed from simple to rich.
First layer of color Yellow

With final black color
 I could have made four editions.  But my working table is a bit small, I am afraid it may not work well on extra editions. I shall try four next time.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Poppy and Lotus Print, North America Trip

Finally it came to the end of the long north America trip for us. I feel so relieved after a really long 20 hour flight. One thing makes me extreme happy is that the two prints Lotus Pond and Poppy were sold while I was in the planes.  I really wish I could have time to concentrate on printmaking. It is such a magical art.

I have been visiting America and Canada for almost 20 days. I have studied in US and went back for numerous business trips and vacations. Every time I went there, I learned and discovered so many new things. We met friends and visit attractions. The trip was full of fun.
One of my friends' beautiful big house.

Very touching Princeton Commencement (Empty seats waiting for the class 2012)

I have never attended a full fledged commencement. This was the first time I attended the 3 day Princeton 2012 Commencement. It was very touching and meaningful experience. I believe wherever the young people go, they will always remember and cherish the blessings from their school expressed in these commencement days.
My Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The rest of days we visit Maryland, Seattle and Vancouver. The difference of this trip from the last ones is that we made all travel arrangement in this Samsung Galaxy tablet. We book hotel, rent car and navigate through America airport, streets and places through the tablet. We no longer make phone calls or look at maps.
The great offline GPS navigating system

The driving is so much easier with GPS system in the tablet. We download a free offline GPS system called Navfree. Google Maps is normally the software for GPS. But it needs constant contact with Internet. Navfree is an offline system. It doesn't require an Internet connection which my tablet doesn't have in USA.

The Internet bookings all worked smoothly except some small hiccups. But they were also gracefully solved by the service providers. I will definitely use Internet to arrange travel next time.

Last but not least, all my shops are open now. I got some new laptop skin materials. I will try to make a new round laptop skin printing test. If everything is fine, the laptop skins will be available within few days.