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Lily Pang Art

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Pretty Boxes of Glass Pendants with Flower, Garden, Owl, Tree Nature Gift

It's Christmas time and these are boxes of joys. It took me 3 days to make them ready for shipping today. These glass pendants are all made with crystal clear hand-made beautiful glass tiles. They are all made from my own paintings.

I really like the green Japanese Garden long glass pendant very much. It is made from the Japanese Garden print.

There are still one and  half week time for Christmas shopping in my stores in order to make them as gifts on time. The shipping in normal case takes about 6 to 9 working days.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Merry-go-Round: What's Your Purple Cow?

It's time for another ride on the merry-go-round! Jump on and join a group of 9 artists/crafts-women as they link around the world and tell you a little about their lives in art and craft.

This month topic is: "What's your purple cow".

This is a very interesting question. The meaning of the question refers to Seth Godin who said:  "that the key to success is to find a way to stand out and be remarkable - to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins".

In this post, I'll talk a bit about my purple cow and later I'll introduce the purple cow from my fellow merry-go-round author Mariana from Florcita's Art.

Actually I am not so sure on my purple cows. All the time when I created something, I always ask my husband what he thinks and try to get some idea if it is good or bad. My husband as a pure mathematician who studies something on symmetric always points out something very funny such as this is too long and this is too over there.

I only get the confirmation that something is good when someone bought the thing that I created. But the interesting thing is that people like different things. There are pieces in terms of my prints that people buy more than the others. Does it mean that these pieces are better than the others?

Spring - Order the Print
I like the Spring very much. I like the green and the flowers. You feel the sunny spring days with the flower and wet green smell all over the mountain. We were so free at that time. There were so much poetic feelings in you. We were day dreaming a lot and easily moved by small little things. I think this painting depict the feeling very well. This is my favorite and I want it to be a purple cow, but it doesn't sell well as others.


 Order the Print
The above are my best sellers.

One of the best sellers is the Relaxing Near a Pond. This is one of my favorites as well. The beauty of this print is that it is much more beautiful when you look at the prints then on the screen. It is very dreamy and the whites are shine among the rest of the objects.

I guess the purple for me or for everyone is something very distinct and unique. I am not sure how my art is dinstinct and unique. But I always keep thinking on this and hope one day I'll truely achieve this goal. One thing is definitly sure for me is that I'll try my best to work on it.

Now let me introduce the wonderful work from Florcita's Art. Mariana's speciality is felt and ceremic art. I love the flow of lines and the inoccent feeling of her art. The unique styles are all over her products such as felted bags, ceremic tiles and felted wraps. I think the best is to show you some of her creations for you to see how distinct her work is:


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wekeends and Holidays at Andrews Terrace Sembawang for Short Term Accommodation

We have been spending most of the weekends at the Andrews Terrace house near Sembawang park and beach. It is so much different there from the current place that we live at Clementi that is surrounded by so many people. Singapore population is growing tremendously from 2 million when I came about 15 years ago to now almost 5 million. I obviously feel the crowd that wasn't existed before in the Clementi area.

The Andrews Terrace House is quite and surrounded by lush greenery that is so close to nature yet also very convenient for eating and shopping.

Tomorrow is a Muslim holiday Hari Raya Haji in Singapore, we are planning to spend the long weekend there.

Since we love spending holiday there, we think maybe it is better to rent out the place for short-term accommodation as well. It will be a great place for weekend and holiday get away and relaxing.
Andrews Terrace near Sembawang Park
If you are interested and want out to find more about it, please visit a special blog dedicate to the house at Andrews Terrace House.  It will answer questions from facility, environment, check-in and out procedure and prices.

Owl and Tree Flower Christmas Glass Pendant

This is a lovely glass pendant made from my print Owl and Tree. It is made of 2.4x2.4cm/7/8 x 7/8 square crystal clear glass pendant. It has Christmas color of green and red and an unique gift for Christmas.

Girl and Horse Equestrian Theme Flower Garden Print and Laptop Skins

I have a customer enquery on equestrian theme prints with a beautiful girl. I came up with this little girl that is added into the girl female series.

I guess she doesn't look quite like a rider. I need to add a hat and a pair of boots to make her a little horse rider. Somehow I like this relaxing posture. Maybe I 'll make another one later with a rider costume.
My baby daughter recently somehow always hug me and says: " I miss you". I am so moved every time she says so. This is how the posture and the expression of the girl came from.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twitting among Cherries, Spring the Most Popluar Laminated Print on Wood Block

The current most popular prints are the Laminated Prints on Wood Block (LPWB) of Twitting among Cherries and Spring.

I guess they are small and exqusite and make very unique gifts for Christmas.

The LPWB measures 8 x 10"/20 x 25cm. Ii is 2cm thick that is made of wood block. They are ready to hang. For more information on LPWB,  please read more here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blue Poppies Laminated Print Mounted on Stretched Canvas

This is another laminated print mounted on Stretched Canvas. It measures 30 x 40cm /12 x 16".

The print is purchased as gift for a girl. Laminated Print Mounted on Stretched Canvas (LPSC) is bigger that the LPWB (Laminated Print Mounted on Wood Block) which is 8 x 10"/20 x 25cm.

I just got a message from the JC (Junior College) students who purchased the LPSC posted on last blog entry.

They said: "
Thanks for the canvas print. It looked wonderful. I'm sorry if there was inconvenience caused when my friend went to collect it.

Thanks again"

I am really happy to read this.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bird and Flower Tree Home Sweet Home Love Birds Laminated Print Mounted on Canvas

This is a laminated print mounted on a 30 x 40cm/12 x 16" stretched canvas. It is ready to hang. It is specially made for some Junior College students. They message me that they want to have a gift for their teacher who is going to get marry this weekend.

Ya, I guess it is a pretty sweet gift for a wedding with love birds and sweet home theme. I hope their teacher loves it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little Flower Collage Print and Laptop Skin

I like late Chinese Chairmen Mao Zhe Tong's poem very much. They are romantic, elegant and splendid. I like his calligraphy as well. You feel that it is very free flow and full of spirit.

In this little flower collage, I put his hand-writing in the left. It means: "How beautiful the rivers and mountains, they attracts the attention of heroes of numerous generation".

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flower Tree in Black and White and Christmas Time

I had a very miserable week. My daughter caught a very bad flu and was in high fever, coughing and running nose for a week. Someone told me it is normal that once children go to school, they will catch flu easily. Luckily she is fine now and back to her normal days.

I was joggling between Christmas packing and taking care of my daughter. Hope to do some new painting soon.

Just share with you the Flower Tree in Black White glass pendent that I just made. If you like black and white, it is a very nice pendant to wear.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Calla Lily Flower Garden Rectangle Glass Pendant

I just made this one today for a customer order. This is from my watercolor painting Calla Lily. It is so beautiful and I think it may be a good idea to make a rectangle one as well.

The watercolor is very vibrant. I think it is very good present for a calla lily lover.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Relaxing in a Pond Bird Flower Garden Large Laminated Print (LLP)

I am so excited to share with you the very large print of 28 x 36/71 x 91cm. It is a Large Laminated Print (LLP). The color is really beautiful with subtle blue and whites.

The print  is not like normal posters. It has a laminated surface that you can clean it and it has a sticky side that you can stick it to a gator-board for hanging. If you leave the sticky side on, you can frame it as a normal poster or print. For more information about LLP, please read the Complete Guide to LLP.

The print on dining table

I like this print. It has very subtle white flowers that shine in the blue background and they are very beautiful.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Girl Reading Joy of Reading Female Lady Print and Laptop Skin

I have an acrylic painting before on the same subject. The painting was sold. I thought may be it is a good idea to make it as print as well because it is really a beautiful subject. This is included as one of the girl series. There are about 10 or 11 girl paintings now.  I just need another one or two to make a 2010 calender.

If you like it to be in laptop skin, you can order it here:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Girl, Deer and Girl with Dandelion Dress Garden Spring Mountain Sqaure Magnet Set of 2

I made these two lovely magnets from the Girl with Dandelion Dress and In the Flower Mountain Paintings. Each magnet is a square of 2" x 2"/5 x 5cm.  It is 0.4"/1 cm thick.

They are like ACEO (Art Cards, Editions and Originals). But they can be stick to an iron surface such as fridges. If you like to collect ACEOs, it is a good idea to buy the magnets as well.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flower Garden Rectangle Glass Pendant

I just purchased some scrabble tile size hand-made glass pendants. It measures 0.7" x 1.3"/1.8 x 2.4 cm. It is not very long but longer than the square shape. The shape is very nice for some design.

The above is from the Relaxing at the Pond painting. It is very delicate and lovely.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gift Guides : How to Select Items from the Shop as Gifts

Christmas is near, if you would like to do some gift shopping in my shore,  please read the Gift Guide here to easy your gift selection. There are many items that are bought by my past customers for birthday, anniversary and baby gift. I consolidated them and classify them into different gift needs to help you select a suitable gift.

Laminated Print on Wood Block (LPWB)

This is 8 x 10/20 x 25cm Laminated Print mounted on Wood Block (LPWB). The wood is 100% natural wood. It is ready to hang and a bit heavy as they made of wood. Thus it is a very exquisite gift for any occasions. Any paintings or prints in my shop can be made into a LPWB. To order a LPWB, you browse through the prints and choose LPWB when adding to your cart. You can find out more about LPWB.

For Baby and Children

Some of my cute baby owl, girl or flower prints are good choice if you need something for a baby or a child. They can be used to decorate a nursery room or a children play,  sleeping room.

Laptop Skins
Laptop skins are great way to be given as gifts. The person who receive your gift will carry it all the time and it is so intimate. Check out collections for her and for him.

For Her
You may also consider beautiful glass pendant made from crystal clear hand-made glass tiles or cute bird and owl earrings. These jeweleries are made only from the art that I created. They are very unique and beautiful. For glass pendants, I only use hand-made beautiful glass tiles.

Romantic Gifts

For anniversary, wedding, Valentine's day, there are romantic love prints and magnets you can choose. You may choose the prints as a LPWB.

For Friends
For an art loving friend, you may check out the LPWB or original paintings.

Girl Swinging Flower Garden Playful Print and Laptop Skin

Finally I found some time to finish another girl series Girl Swinging. Swing is one of my favorite subjects. It cannot be missed from the girl series.

The Details
I am so happy that my daughter is copping very well with the nursery school. She loves to go there now. Even in the weekend morning, she wants me to take her to school.