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Lily Pang Art

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Owl and Laptop Skin

Holiday is near, I realized that I haven't worked much on holiday related topics. This Christmas Owl is a playful holiday gift for everyone as I hope.
My big laptop is still in the shop for repairing. I cannot access my store right now. If you like to buy laptop skin of this design. You can go to my Dawanda store.

I just got a feedback from one of my customers that bought a laptop skin from my store. Here is what she said:"
Thank you so much for the laptop skin! Very beautiful and fast shipping to boot. I would buy from you again without hesitation.

Take care,
Mary is one of the first few brave people that bought the laptop skins from my store directly. Not many people dare to buy things from a personal Internet shop. I am glad that she likes it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's time for another ride on the merry-go-round! Jump on and join a group of artists/crafts-women as they link around the world and tell you a little about their lives in art and craft.

This month's question that myself and 8 other women will answer is seasonal and related to it feeling so winterly - "How do the different seasons and weather affect you in your art and craft?"

Well, it is good or bad depending how you feel that in Singapore there is no season. It is summer all the time. There are only dry and rainy seasons. The dry season starts from May and last to November. Towards end of the year, it is cool rainy season.

Since there is not much difference in the weather here, I am not affected by the different seasons in my art. But I am do affected by lots of things, the holidays such as Christmas, new year and my vocation time and also just something that pops out from somewhere.

I am attracted to many things and sometime confused of what I really want. When I saw something that sells very well in the Internet such as fashion, I am so attracted to it and want to do the same thing. I forgot what made me to pursuit the art in the first place.

But it is ok. I try not to be tough to myself. I allow myself to be confused and to try something else. But I also remind myself that I must concentrate on something that I really want. I can adjust along the way and should not be too stubborn to change. But I must stick to the thing that I really like and want to do and perfect it.

The only thing is it is just too difficult to know what I do is right and wrong. You cannot be persistent on something that is not right.

I haven't worked much this week due to problems with my computer. It is a good time to think more and do a bit less.

Have a nice weekend and don't forget to visit others:

You may find the article is not on some of the blogs due to time differences, do come to visit in a later time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back to Normal, Almost

I mentioned my laptop problem to my my neighbor when you came to visit. She suggested to use the spare memory sticks in my small laptop. She helped me to change the memory. Wow, my small one now can work almost as the big laptop.

Everything back to normal and I am so happy.

It is so cumbersome nowadays without your laptop. Sigh....

Laptop is down

I got my laptop back and was very happy because I added more memory and it seems very fast. But after I made it sleep and opened it again, the same problem came back. Too bad, I need to send it again tomorrow for repair.

I am very sorry that I have to hold some of the orders.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Relaxing near Pond

The more powerful laptop of mime broke down yesterday. I guess I used it too much and it is too hot here in Singapore.

This illustration is done in my very small travel mate laptop. It is very slow to work on images. I just get this done and have no way to work in the laptop skin.

I hope I can get the big laptop back by tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Singing Bird Laptop Skin Red

This red color laptop skin is the only one currently available with this color. I love it. It can match the black laptop or the one with the same red color.

These laptop skins are ordered recently. They look much more rich and dazzling than the images. The purple poppy one is very big and it is so beautiful when it is magnified.

If you would like to find out how my customers feel about the laptop skins, you can read the Customer Testimonials.

I am so happy that I just sold the above ACEO. This is the only ACEO I have ever made and sold. It is fun!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Free shipping on Best Sellers of Laptop Skins

Peony and butterfly is another best seller. If you buy the laptop skin from now till Dec. 1st, the shipping is free.

Your size

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free shipping on Best Sellers of Laptop Skins

There are a few best sellers of laptop skins. I'll make them with free shipping if you buy any of them from now to Dec. 1st.

I'll list one by one within these days. The firs is the Baby Owl Pink Laptop Skin. You just click "Buy Now" button and it will lead you to PapPal checkout. I didn't include the shipping fee. Thus the shipping is free when you check it out. Try it!

Your size

In the Flower Mountain

Finally I got some idea to finish last Friday's work. I would like to exaggerate the flowers in the tree and made more white flowers there.

I learned that one important technique of painting is the exaggerations. If you can exaggerate a theme to be very beautiful, this will be a great art.I am not sure if it fits into a laptop skin. I put it up here. If you like it, just use the Buy Now button in the left to buy it.

Cost: Size 8.5 x 11.5"/21.5 x 30cm, $20 + $5
Size: 10 x 14"/26 x 35cm, $24 + $7

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fox and Bird Laptop Skins

I didn't find a good idea to continue last project, instead I have this fox and bird. I found fox cute, although in Chinese culture fox is considered slimy.

I bought a new vinyl pool. My baby is so happy with it. I remember when I was a child, it was such a great joy to jump into river and play with my friends. The whole afternoon was such a short time for me. My parent would get very angry that I wasted my time in the river.

My baby can play whole day in the pool if I let her do it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Work in Progess and Singapore Food

Half finished today for this flower tree. I don't know what is the next at the moment. Just leave as it is and hope that I will have a nice thing in my mind to get it completed later.

It is weekend again. I am so happy and want to go out to eat and do window shopping or do some real shopping.

Talking about eating, Singapore is really a food paradise. You get so many variates such as Chinese, western, Malay and Indian food. Just name some common dishes such as chilly crab, beef randan and Shanghainese xio long bao. They are my favorites.
Isn't this Chilly Crab yummy. I know what I want to eat today.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Love Birds

Just follow yesterday's flower design, I made some changes to the love birds design. I love this lighter version.

No time to put the laptop skins and will do it later.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Looking forward to Spring and Laptop Skin

Initially this has a solid flowers. When I was naming it to Spring and thought it should have more lighter flowers. I think it is nice after the changes.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yellow Birds and Laptop Skins

This is my thrid illustration with Chinese painting style. I have learned Chinese bird and flower painting before when I was at collage time. In Chinese Painting, we don't paint the background. It is left to white so that the black ink is beautifully contrasted with the paper. It is very interesting to see the illustration result with the purple background. Order the Skins

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Peony and Butterfly Laptop Skin

Holiday season is near. I am thinking of creating something that symbolizes prosperous and hope for the new year.

Peonies are always symbols of noble and prosperous in Chinese culture. The actual flowers are very big and colorful. The ancient poets liked to liking the beautiful and noble ladies with the flowers.

The first one is the Christmas color. I feel like to have some green and red strong colors to accumulate holiday mood.

You can buy the laptop skin either for yourself or as a gift here.Order the Skins

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Laptop Skin Customer Testmonials

It is a great satisfaction to see your products are used by others. That's the main reason we work so hard, isn't it?

Please read a nicely write up from Pili in her blog "Laptop Skins by Lily Pang Art & Design!" about her experience of purchasing my laptop skins.

I have some customer testimonials that are kindly sent from my customers.

Vivien from Singapore said: "Hello,
Thank you for the instructions. I had no trouble putting on the skin.
Attached is a picture of my laptop with the skin. I really like how it looks now.
It would be great if you can continue to make fantastic laptops like this.
It was a pleaure dealing with you.

Martha from USA said: "
Thanks so much! I didn't realize it was coming from the other side of the world! That's AWESOME. I love it, thanks again."

Deb from USA said:
"I LOVE this laptop skin. Its so beautiful!!!! I just applied it to my laptop and it is stunning! Thank you so much for your wonderful work. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!"

Heather from USA said
"Great transaction. Skin looks so pretty. I will shop here again!"

Anja from Germany said:"
Great communication, perfect Laptopskin, very fast shipping. Thank you very much! Full five Stars *****"

Aimee from USA said: "Thanks! Gorgeous! I will be buying another soon!"

Jennifer from USA said: "awesome! great quality, easy to apply and soooo stinkin' cute."

Amie from USA said: "I just got it today and i love it! can't wait to try it out. Thanks so much! :)"

Miia from Finland said: "Hello again Lily,

I received the skin yesterday, it's lovely! Thanks for excellent service!

Good luck to your business!



ps. I will send a photo later!"

Mariann from Germany said: "like a second skin ;-) thanks!"

Brenda from USA said:"The product came in a timely manner in a well wrapped package. The colors and graphics on the laptop skin were evem more vibrant in person than seen on the Esty site. It was easy to put on my computer and looks great!"

Mary from USA said: "
Thank you so much for the laptop skin! Very beautiful and fast shipping to boot. I would buy from you again without hesitation.

Take care,

Birds in Conversation Laptop Skins

This is another version of the Birds in Conversation. I make ti more light color so that it can match the black colored laptop well. The color is also fresher and has more modern appeals.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Birds In Conversation Prints and Laptop Skins

This is a Chinese painting style illustration. I always want to do something with simple lines, black and white lines even. This is a first one I am trying.