Lily Pang Art

Lily Pang Art

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Magnets are now the most popular items in my stores. I like them as they like ACEOs (Art Card Edition and Orginal) and better they are on a magnets. It is easy to collect.

I finally got a domain:

I know I should get a domain for my store. But it is so confusing to me when I try to buy one. I was satisfied with the Googlepages because it serves me very well and not in a hurry to change.

Well, I was forced to get a domain now since Googlepages will not work for long. I finally bought the domain in GoDaddy because it is mentioned the most in some of the forums. I also bought 2 months hosting from them. But I was very disappointed that I cannot set up properly my site in their web hosting. When I try to download my files, there are always problem such as connection slow, down, file cannot be uploaded problems.

After much frustrations, I decided to stick with the orgFree free hosting site. It is a breeze when I put my files there. No trouble at all. Plus it is free for now and will cost only $1 per month later. Thus I use the domain name register in GoDaddy and host my web pages in orgFree.

The new site has some links to Acrylics and Watercolors that are not working. I am still working on them. I hope all others are fine now.

Now you can buy Print, Laminated Print on Wood Block (LPWB) or Large Print (LLP) on the same page. If you like the print when you browsing the prints, you can decided to buy the type of print that you like on one page.

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