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Lily Pang Art

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shop Announcement: All Lily Pang Art & Design Shops are Closed till January 3rd, 2011

I will take a vocation till January  3rd, 2011.

If you need anything for Christmas, I am afraid it is not safe to be delivered intentionally from our shop now. I recommend you do not purchase anything except Gift Certificates for gifts.

There are three types of Gift Certificates in my store: 1) General Gift Certificate 2). Gift Certificate for Laptop Skin 3). Gift Certificate for a Set of Laptop Skin and Wrist Area Skin. 

All the Gift Certificates can be emailed to the recipient or you print it out and physically hand it over to the recipient. They look beautiful when printed out.

1. General Gift Certificate

This Gift Certificate is used for purchasing anything in my store. If you are not sure what the recipient will like, you may consider this gift certificate. Understand it more and purchase it here.

2. Gift Certificate for Laptop Skin
If you are sure that you want send a laptop skin as a gift, you may consider this option. Find out more information and purchasing from here.

3. Gift Certificate for a Set of Laptop Skin and Wrist Area Skin
This one has an added wrist area skin.  Find out more information and purchasing from here.

A very special thank you goes out to everyone the customers and ones who read, follow and comment on my blogs and all others who paid visit to my blog.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Important Announcement for Christmas Gift Shopping

The last date of shipping is 8th tomorrow for Christmas gifts. Please DO NOT purchase anything from the shops if you intend to have them for Christmas gifts.

Laptop skins orders are not accepted anymore for Christmas Gifts. It will not have enough time for them to be delivered as the laptop skins are made at end of the week.

If you have the following situations:
  • want something in the shop as gift
  • cannot physically send a gift to someone or 
  • are doing the last minute shopping
You can try to buy a Gift Certificate as the follows:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What People Are Buying Now of Our Glass Pendants

These are few of the glass pendants that are bought for Christmas gifts. I really love all of them.
All the glass pendants will be shipped within pretty jewelry boxes and ready for gifts.

Why not get one for someone special this Christmas with the unique gift?