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Lily Pang Art

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Red Building

I saw a photo from a website and immediately thought it would be fun to paint it.

It was really fun to pour the watercolor in the paper and let it run to create the texture of the building.

Yesterday I took some photos from the Sembawang park that is near my home. It is the only park near the sea that has natural beach in Singapore. I usually took my baby there when sun is down. Yesterday I went there earlier and first time had experience with the light of sunset in photo taking. They are really magic. At least one of them will be in my paintings.

Watercolor on paper of 180gsm
Size: 11" x 14", $60 + $7 S & H


Marian said...

that red building is awesome! great color and the black dripping adds so much depth! Have I told you that your watercolors are super good?

The pics 3 and 4 are really nice... they all are actually.
Is it really hot there now?

Lily Pang said...

Thanks Marian! Yes, it is very hot now in Singapore. It will cool down near September. But it is summer all year around. Just that it is cooler around December time.