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Lily Pang Art

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Autumn Garden

This is a larger painting that I worked on today. It is 16" x 20". I am extremely careful when I paint large paintings. I painted it in a very controlled way.

first wash
I normally try to make color to be final at first wash. But it is not possible most of the time. The colors are just not strong enough for the darker ones. But two to three layers of colors will be maximum for me. I don't like to lay many layers because colors tend to loose their vibrancy after three or more layers.

Some people can produce beautiful colors with many layers. I guess you need to do it very carefully and use very high quality colors, paper and soft brushes. Most important, you have to wait till the paper get completely dried.

I really love the colors in this painting. You can only paint well when you get excited about it.

Something to note about the painting techniques used:
  1. The black is produced from mixing phthalo green with cadmium red. It is really great to produce a greenish black
  2. I used masking fluid to mask out the tree.
  3. Tissue paper is used to create the texture of the purple flower.

Watercolor on paper
Size: 16" x 20", $350 + $12 S & H


ceevee said...

Gorgeous. I am taking watercolor classes right now and appreciate your work.

ceevee (member of VAST too)

Susan_from_Nerk said...

Lily, I found your blog because you visited our blog, the Great Circle Team (Etsy). I am a very amateurish watercolorist; mixed media and fiber art are my mediums of choice. But I love your watercolors. I was impressed by your orchid piece that was inspired by the photo of the woman in oriental dress.

Thanks for your inspiration.

Marian said...

fantastic colors and technique!!!
I find it too a bit unnvering qhen having to lay different layers of color, just because Im very impatient...and that is not good in painting....

Lily Pang said...

Thank you ladies!

Marian, thank you for sharing your way of doing watercolor.