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Lily Pang Art

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yellow Bird, Singapore Zoo and Bottle Tree Village Sea Food Market

Yesterday Sunday was a very fruitful day for me. I painted this lovely yellow bird, brought my baby to visit the Singapore Zoological Garden and went to a great sea food market "Bottle Tree Village Sea Food Market" introduced by my friend.

The interesting thing about painting this bird is that I used ivory black for background and the bird wings. I remember people say that black should not be used in watercolor painting. I seldom use it as well. But today I found that it is very nice to be used here.

With a baby that is getting more and more understanding of the world, I think the best place for us to go in Singapore is the Singapore Zoo. I was thinking of visiting it several weeks ago and was put off because of the hot weather. Today, it was quite cool and I just couldn't wait to bring my daughter there.
The best thing about the zoo is that you feel it is a huge garden. You are welcomed by the many types of exotic animals in a natural environment. Almost all the animals are not caged and visitors are protected by nature barriers such as water or raised walk paths. It is very artistically designed such as when it introduces animals of certain country, it also displays the beautiful artifacts from the country nearby.
It is very big and has children playground, where a new one is being built with interesting features coming along.

My baby is so happy during the whole trip.

I also caught some very exotic plants and scenery. Maybe they can be used in my paintings.
My friend introduced me the Bottle Tree Village Sea Food Market for its fresh live sea food. The place is on the way home from the Zoo. So we went there and bought some live yummy prawn and crabs. You can image how delicious our dinner was.

Watercolor on paper
Size: 6.5" x 9", $40 + $5


Vosie said...

oooh Lily, your lovely baby's grown up so fast! Look how tall she is now. Please send her my hugs, and hugs to you too my friend... :)

Jean Levert Hood said...

What a lovely day it must have been, Lily! Your little one is so adorable.

I love this bird painting!