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Lily Pang Art

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last Glory and My Baby's First Step

I picked up my watercolor again. I love this medium. It allows you to create brilliant colors with dreamy effect. Just be careful that you don't overwork with it. Use enough amount of color and water. Every brush must be certain. There is not much room for error.

I am so happy these days that my baby reaches another very important milestone. She starts to walk now. I found that the interesting thing is that she also knows that this is really different and important for her. She is so excited and claps her hands every time she succeeds in walking. She really brings so much joy to our life.

Title: Last Glory A Maple Leaf
Watercolor on paper
Size: 6.5" x 9", $32 + $5 S & H


Renée Gandy said...

Love the watercolor..think I will pull mine out again and give it a go.

Love your little daughter's pic..she is cute..

Michelle said...

I have a niece about your daughters age. I never get to see her. It is wonderful sharing this milestone. Thank you.
Love the watercolors!

Marian said...

look at her! Sweet girl! I know what you mean! and they grow so fast. My kid, Sebastian, started walking when he was 9months. First around the coffee table, holding on to it. Hours walking around it! And then he let go and thatś when I had to put everything down and follow him. Im talkin scaping to the garden, front door... he was gone in seconds!
And walkign up straight also opens a whole new world to them...cabinets, kitchen doors.... you will have fun now!!!hahahaa

About watercolors, I love them. I really do. And yet, Im a bit scared of it because of what you say: each stroke mst be precise. Im far from that! Great to see you exploring so many different mediums!

Lily Pang said...

Thank you ladies!

Yes, Marian, I must be very careful now. I got very series on watching her after she knocked her head two times. Luckily she was fine.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Lily, you must get those watercolors out more often, they are stunning.

Your little one is just too precious! Thank you for sharing this moment with us!

Lily Pang said...

Jean, Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!