Lily Pang Art

Lily Pang Art

Friday, July 18, 2008

Me and Nature - Mischievous and Passionate

I painted this girl. It is another "Me and Nature" acrylic painting. I'd call this one Mischievous and Passionate girl. The other one , I'd call it "Sophisticated and Loving" girl.

I love the effect of painting. The strokes of paints are beautiful!

Size: 18" x 23.5", $450 + $50 S & H


Marian said...

I love this one Lily. the combination of colors is great and yes, the stokes give a certain texture which is fabulous.
I love red, and it certainly gives a great touch. Love her hair!!

Renée Gandy said... the colors and composition.

Travis Morgan said...


Marian said...

Lily, this print has been featured on my blog, today's entry! I hope it is ok with you, othwerwise let me know and I will take it down.