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Lily Pang Art

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cherry Blossom, Laptop Skins and My First Art Pendant Sale

I am so excited that I sold my first art pendant, the Peony and Butterfly pendant.

This is my first time that I get my hand on jewelries. I can see that there many more jewelry makers out there than art and others. It is very difficult to get attention to your creation. Thus, I am super excited that I can managed to get one sold.

Coming back to my art work, I am thinking of coming up of some welcome spring series. The Spring print is one of them. These days, I'll concentrate on Cherry Blossom. It always makes me excited when I see cherry blossom pictures and paintings. They are just so beautiful to paint.

If you are in the mood of welcome spring and would like to change or apply some spring on your laptop, you can order the laptop skin here. To understand how to order, please read "How to Order Laptop Skin and Wrist Area Skin".

I spent sometime to tide up my labels, you can browse through the labels for more designs and other information. For example the labels related to laptop skins are;

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