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Lily Pang Art

Monday, March 9, 2009

Laptop Skin Spring Collection I and Glaze Products

It's Spring time. I remembered the excitement when Spring shows bit by bit. I guess you will be very happy to see some spring on your laptop.

Here is a collection of Spring laptop skins. I'll show some these days.

Order the Skins

Thank everyone who commented on glazing using resin post. There are many products out there such as modge podge and diamond glaze. They are used in a bit different ways. Modge podge is great to seal papers that provides glossy look. But it does not provide a raised dome look. Diamond glaze will provide raised glass dome look. But it doesn't grantee a clear glass look. Only resin do the trick that provides crystal clear glass look and raised dome.

But it is very difficult to use resin. It is messy, toxic and sometime you always get bubbles.

I haven't tried acrylic gel medium. I shall look into it sometime. There is something else such as 3D Crystal Lacquer. Check out this post Filed Test: Diamond Glaze and 3D Crystal Lacquer. It seems that 3D crystal Lacquer is much better. I am thinking to order one to try.

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