Lily Pang Art

Lily Pang Art

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Orchid 4

This is inspired by the Kebaya dress worn by Singapore Airline girl. If you are familiar with Singapore Airline, you know that the air stewardess wears the sexy Kebaya dress. The Kebaya dress was invented by Peranakan people who were the early Chinese immigrants that married Malay people. You can see the influence of Chinese Qi Bao in the dress.

Some of the design of Kebaya involving Orchid patels.

Acrylic on heavy watercolor paper of 140lb
size: 16 x 16, $150


Marcella Paliekara said...

What a beautiful piece. It would be interesting to see a group of painting, like this one, inspired form textiles brought together and displayed like a quilt.

Lily Pang said...

Thank you Marcella and your suggestion! I guess I'll paint some other flowers to make the quilt of painting.

It is a very interesting idea.