Lily Pang Art

Lily Pang Art

Friday, April 8, 2011

Summer Pond Print and Cooking for the Family

Waterlily pond always makes me excited. I took many photos of waterlily pond for references. As the weather becomes very hot recently,  the strong summer scent makes me feel to paint this waterlily pond.

I even cooked a dessert with waterlily or lotus: Lotus Root and Sticky Rice.
 Summer Dessert: Lotus Root and Sticky Rice
My younger daughter recently suddenly eats very little. She complaints that she feels pain here and there during meal time. To increase her appetite, I spent a lot of time in kitchen these days. I feel very guilty because all along, our family meals are prepared by my Philippine domestic helper. I didn't do anything except grocery shopping. Since I don't cook, I always buy the same type of vegetables, meat and fish and never dare to try some unusual and healthy food such as purple cabbage.Thus we pretty much have the same type of dishes in our dining table.

After spent some time and I found a very good way to cook meals. It is such a breeze to prepare meals now. What I do is that I look for those recipes that are not so difficult to follow in the Internet and copy them down in my notes. I write down all the dishes that I need for the week and their ingredients. I go shopping according to the list. The list consists nicely of soup, dishes and desserts. Sometime, when I see some nice healthy food in the market, I look at the Internet to find a good recipe for it. I'll make it into my week's list and buy all the necessary ingredients for the dish.

Before I always very scared to follow recipes because I always found that some ingredients were missing from my fridge during cooking. But now, I follow very closely to the prepared list during shopping and that prevents missing ingredients.

Everyday, I pick up the dishes that I want to cook and their recipes from my notes and just follow them during cooking. Now I have so many varieties in our meal table. I even cooked the above dessert that I cannot image that I am able to cook before.

It is cooked with lotus root and sticky rice. I stuffed the sticky rice into the hole of lotus root and steam it. After that I cut it and put some syrup to serve. It looks so pretty and tastes yummy too. It is also very healthy if  you don't put too much syrup because according to Chinese Medicine, the lotus root and sticky rice enhance your body blood function.

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