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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Product: Easy to Use Cork Art Placements

I have a very beautiful solid teak dining table set. I love solid wood and feel so close to it than other types of material such as glass or metal. To protect the dining table, all along I am using a set of cork placemat that I bought from Australia. I cannot use cloth or other type of placemat because they are very difficult to maintain. You need to be very careful when you are eating your food i.e. try not to drop food on the placemat. They are also not good enough to protect your table. I don't dare to place a hot pot or plate on them. The table will be left with marks if you do so. 
My dining table with Owl Cherry Blossom Placemats 
from @Lily Pang Art & Design
But my set of cork placement is getting spoil recently. I need to find a replacement. Why not using my art and cork material to make my own placemats?
The cork backing of the placemat
That's how I made a set of Owl Cherry Blossom Green placemat set with cork sheet. The owl print is coated with protection layer and sealed to the cork sheet with water resistant sealant.

Currently the placemants are on size of 9 x 12"/22 x 31cm and thickness of 3mm/ 1/8". In future I will look into larger ones.

If you are tired of using cloth placemat that needs to be washed after every use and not good for hot pot, you can try this placemat.

The cork backing of the placemat is good for heat isolation. You don't need to worry about damaging your precious table when placing a hot plate on the placemat.  It protects your table from hot pot and also easy to clean. You can wipe it using wet towel if it is just a little bit dirty. If it gets very dirty, you can wash it in water as well. It is ready to use for every meal.

You need not to worry about dropping food or dripping soup to your placemat during your meal time. It is such a breeze to use the placemat.
This is my pretty dining table.

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