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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buying New Laptop

While processing orders in the middle, my laptop broke down. I called technician and he told me it is due to motherboard problem. It will cost about SGD$400 to repair it.

I think it is better off to buy a new one since my current laptop is more than 3 years old. But it takes a long time for me find out which laptop to buy. I haven't pay any attention to the new development of  laptop technology and don't even know what are the current processors in the market.

After much readings, I settled with Acer Aspire Timelinex 5820TG. I need to buy a laptop that can allow me to work on large graphic and image files. I use the following criterion to choose the laptop:
  1. Must be dual-core processors for better multi-tasking work
  2. Large system memory at least 4GB with 64-bit OS
  3. Quadro Nvidia or Radeon graphics
  4. Big screen 
  5. Better function and Price ration 
  6. Screen should be sharp under day light
Basically I am buying a laptop that more towards Destop PC because I am not concerning too much on battery life and weight because I use it mostly at home.

Acer 5820TG uses i5 processor. The i7 processor is the more advanced one currently. I was thinking of buying Lenovo Thinkpad w510 that uses i7. But comparing the cost and function, I choose Acer. The Lenovo is double the cost of Acer. However, I read from some articles and they claim that i7 may not necessary much better than i5 considering the price you have to pay. Looking back at all the laptops that I have used, they all broke down after 2 to 3 years. I think it is better to choose one that is cheaper and with good functions.

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