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Lily Pang Art

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My New Laptop and Lessons

This is the new laptop that I just bought yesterday. It is Toshiba L735.

Actually I was planning to buy Acer Aspire 5820TG and bought it at the local mall Clementi Mall. But the moment I saw it I felt there is something wrong with the display. The text is very blurry and flicking. I thought it maybe due to the system setup. I brought it home and try to fix it, but failed. My eyes felt so dizzy after reading Internet for a while. It is also very slow when I try to open big photoshop files. I expected something much faster than my current travel laptop which is very old with only 512MB memory. But it is not.

I try to return it or exchange for something else, but the salesman told me that there is no returning in the shop and I need to pay 10% to 20% packaging fee to exchange because they need to repack the laptop. Wow, it's too much I think and I better stick with the laptop. But after a day of using it, I felt very dizzy. I don't think I am able to use it everyday. I just have to change to something else.

I examine every sample notebooks displayed and check for the text sharpness. The Toshiba is one of the notebooks that I found much more comfortable with when reading at it. The configuration is also good enough to me except the screen is not big enough.

I like the look and feel of the Toshiba. The cover is shinny and clean.  The display is very sharp. I wouldn't say it is very fast to use Photoshop, it is quite slow to save large files with image.  But it doesn't have the problem that Photoshop is freezed when working on large files. Acer Aspire 5820TG sometime causes Photoshop not responding. After opening a large file, I cannot save it to another file because the file dialog doesn't show. During editing, I cannot open some of the image editing dialog such as brightness and contrast after opening a large file.

I found that that in the shop, no matter how large or small the screen is, the screen resolution can only be adjusted to 1378 x 768 pixels. I wonder if this the reason that the large screen laptop has very blurry text.

I also wonder if the 64bit vs 32bit Window 7 is also the reason for Acer to be slow for Photoshop. I choose to install 32bit Window 7 in Toshiba, while Acer is 64bit. I read somewhere that some 32bit software is slower to be run in 64bit Window 7. My photoshop is a quite old 32bit version. Thus I think I better stick with 32bit Window 7 in Toshiba for the moment.

I never consider text sharpness is one of the important criteria to choose a notebook. All along, my PC and notebooks have no problem with displaying. The extra 15% I spent on exchanging Acer to Toshiba is the tuition fee I paid for it.

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