Lily Pang Art

Lily Pang Art

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Red Bird Flower Abstract Art Square Glass Pendant

This glass pendant is made based on the Bird and Rain painting. It is a square glass pendant of 1"/2.5cm.

 My baby gets used to the school these days. She no longer cries when I leave her to the teachers there. I am so relieved.

There were a big sale in Dawanda last week and I can only concentrate on processing orders most of the week. I hope to do some watercolor or acrylic soon.

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florcita said...

it's difficult when the kids go to school, right? My son... he just said goodbye to me. I was crying... what? no drama????? no, nothing. Bye Mama... that was it!
Good luck Lily!
Love the last few paintings. That little girl again and the tree!