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Lily Pang Art

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking Photos for My Online Shops

It is easy to show art work such as print or painting. There is no need to take photos in a surrounding environment and you just display the images.

Now I have to learn how to take nice photos of objects that I am creating such as the Wood Block Print. People are talking about frontpage friendly photos, which means you should take a good photo that can be chosen by other people into an Etsy frontpage.

There are a lot of guidelines out there. I read some. One thing you can do is to try different versions and ask some opinion at the Etsy Forum. There is a Critique Forum section. You can ask people to tell which one is more attractive.

This what I did, most people told me that the wood block on wall is nicer than the garden one. I really love the garden one. But if you are aiming on Etsy frontpage, you have to make it simple.

The article, Are Your Photos Frontpage Worthy? in Etsy told us a good way to see if your photo is good or not. You can use the tool of Treasure Poster Sketch to pick some of your favorite items and put your item into it to see if it fits into the other items or not.

I did this of this Owl Print on Wood Block and realize that the plain background one is better.

What you think?

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