Lily Pang Art

Lily Pang Art

Monday, February 23, 2009

Follow My Heart Laptop Skin and Etsy is Down

I like the line work in this piece and made laptop skins for it. It is follow your heart and the heart is your home.Order the Skins
Today Etsy is down for maintenance. I anxiously want it to be back because I need the information in my convo (Etsy emails) to process my orders. It is such a big event for many people. Just read some comments on Etsy blog. It is so funny.


My name is Sophie and I’m an addict.

Like everyone else.


*scratches arms and legs and face*
*twitches uncontrollably*

Good morning everybody!! You all are so funny!! I woke up so early and now I dont know what to do! :S Hey Christy, your blog is awsome!!


1 comment:

florcita said...

so many fans Lily!
I like the shape of those flowers/hearts. It's inspiring me for some felting stuff. I might get around to doing something ...hopefully soon!