Lily Pang Art

Lily Pang Art

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pendant Pendant

There were lots of activities today. In the early morning, I attended the Etsy VAST artist trunk show. It was so much fun to show my work in the virtual lab with virtual seats and gave virtual presentation. It was so early, actually I wear my sleeping cloth and did the presentation in my bedroom. Haha... This is so much difference from the presentation I used to do. I need to wear crispy business suit and skirt and spent a lot of time to make myself presentable as well.

I just got the pendant making kit yesterday and couldn't wait any longer to make my pendants. These are the ones I just made today and they are still drying on my working table.

You can see they are from baby owl, the kiss, spring, peony, the bird and poppy and the singing designs.

I'll add bails to the glass pendants tomorrow and show you more fancy photos.


florcita said...

great Lily! great idea!!!! and they look great too!
I have no clue what that Etsy presentation is about...but I hope it went well!

Erin said...

The green rectangle on the bottom is the favourite! But I find every one of works utterly inspiring. I wish more people saw this work through your joyful, colourful lens.