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Lily Pang Art

Friday, July 16, 2010

Small Village Original Monotype Print

For black ink plate monotype printing, there are two ways you can create a print. Either you drawing on a paper covered on an ink plate to create the print or you draw in ink plate and pull the print from the plate. I like drawing on paper method as it gives more white areas than draw on ink plate.

The above Small Village is created using drawing on paper method. After drawing on the paper, the ink is absorbed by the paper and leaves marks on the ink plate.
 Negative Print
I use towel to erase some ink from the top and lower part of the flowers from the ink plate. Use the ink plate I pull a negative print of the small village.

The most interesting way of the monotype print is to use natural materials from the garden such as leaves, twigs and grass to create prints.
This is the print with some flowers leaves. It is created with applying brown color to ink plate. The leaves are covered with green, red, blue colors and placed on the ink plate before they are pulled with prints.

The result is getting better in the second and third pulls of prints. I only created one print from three pulls. The first one is two thick with colors and the last one is too light. The second pull is the best.

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