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Lily Pang Art

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chinese New Year and Peony Laptop Skin

I didn't realize that Chinese New Year is at the corner now. There are so many things I haven't done.

I went out yesterday to get some new year goodies. See what I've got. The Chinese mandarins in boxes, some cookies and the door decorations.
The door decoration reads "Having lots of treasure" in the right and "prosperous in business" in the left. I usually buy some "Happiness" designs before. But I couldn't find a nice one this time and bought this instead. But anyway, I thought I should buy this because I am doing some small business now and I do want to have prosperous new year.

I made a red peony and butterfly version to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Peony in Chinese symbolizes noble and rich. People usually associate the beautiful noble ladies in ancient China with peonies. When you give a gift to a girl decorated with peony, you wish her to be rich and have no worry in her whole life. This is also my new year wish to every one to have no worry, be happy.

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Marian said...

looove this one. Love the color! I need another laptop just so I can get this skin! :)