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Lily Pang Art

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Laptop Skin for My New MacBook Pro 15" and Merry Christmas

I just got my new MacBook Pro 15". I immediately made a skin for it with a matching wrist area skin as well. These are the Christmas gifts for myself.

The design is a watercolor effect of bird and flower. I love the new look of my MacBook.
A note about applying the wrist area skin, since the middle part is cut, the skin is not easy to be applied due to stretching when you pull it. One thing you can do is to apply a moist cloth to both sticker part of the skin and the wrist area. But be careful do not use too much water to let water drip into the laptop. With the help of a bit water, you can lay down or pull the skin easily if it is not well applied.

The good thing about the wrist area skin is that you will not spoil your laptop due to your bracelet or your watch. Of course, it is so beautiful when you look at it as well.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!


Karen Faulkner said...

Merry Christmas, Lily, I think this is the prettiest one yet!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just love this design and would definitely order this for my 13.3" Mac Book (white) if I could get it in that size.

If you get a chance send an e-mail my way and let me know if it's possible and how much it would cost with the inside skin as well because I love that.

I live in Windsor ON, would it be expensive to ship?

Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon :]


Anonymous said...

is this for sale? please email me...

i would deff pay for this...