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Lily Pang Art

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Starry Night and Hari Raya

Today is a Muslim Holiday Hari Raya. It marks the end of one month fasting for Muslims and a public holiday in Singapore. One of the good things of living in Singapore is that there are major four races of people in Singapore. You get public holidays for each of their festivals. When there are so many problems out there in other part of the world such as US financial crises, I just feel so lucky being in Singapore. We don't need to worry about any banks that are in trouble and still celebrate the holiday. The Starry Night is to dedicate to the special Mala Holiday.

We took the chance and went to shopping and visited some other beautiful places in Singapore. We went to the big Raffles City shopping mall. I am so glad that I made the trip, not because I bought great things, but I discovered some beautiful arts.
First is the installation on the outside of the building of the mall. It is a big painting. The interesting about this painting is that if you look through a color filtering screen, you see totally another different image with two men.

I was so surprised to find two very beautiful paintings in a shoe store. The tree one was by Vu Cong Dien. I never heard of him before.

You can see from this painting that exaggeration is very powerful. The painting is so simple and with such limited color variation, yet you feel it is so rich. I especially like the yellow. It is glowing from the green. He seemed didn't use paint brushes on the tree, but some kind of mixed paint spray. It was very unusual. I came back and googled him. You can look at more of his work clearly at

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