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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Merry-go-Round: What is scariest part of your art?

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women as they link hands around the world and tell you a little about their lives in art and craft.

Today is the second post of the monthly merry-go-round post and the halloween time. The question is: "What is your scariest part of your art/craft?"

Before I went on selling my art, the scariest thing is ruining an initially beautiful watercolor painting at the end or not able to get things right. These are small ones and I accept my limit and try to move on bit by bit.

But after starting selling my art, there are so many things to worry. Of course, I worry about my paintings not selling well. Sometime, I don't quite like a painting, but somehow, someone just bought it immediately after I put it in my store. I was very puzzled and try to reason why this is good. Sometime it affects my taste as well.

I remember someone says that if you want to be creative, you must ignore others. I feel it is very difficult for me. I am always influenced by how others seeing my art. I want to create something that people like it and would like to pay for it.

After I learned illustration and started providing prints for my art, the most difficult problem is the quality of prints. The first time, I didn't know how to set up the printer properties correctly, the prints always came up with very mixed colors. I was so scared and almost wanted to give it up.

After frantically searching the internet and borrowing many books on color management and wasting many printing papers, I finally got setup correctly. The prints are brilliant and beautiful at last.

Lately, I try to come up with some more products using my art. I found that if you concentrate more on business aspect of your art, you tend to loose creativeness on your art. This is a dilemma of one woman business. It's difficulty to be a business woman and also the creative artist.

Anyway, the good thing is that I try not to have high expectation on everything except the quality of my products. I am happy to make small progress each time.

One year has past since I opened an internet store and also this blog. I learned many things. The most important thing is to learn how to manage the things that you are scared about. Try to low your expectation on others and learn to have more tolerance and understanding. Be thankful for all the helps that I got from the people around the world.

Please also visit the following blogs to see what are the scariest thing for others. Check out again if you don't find the post due to time differences.


Karen Faulkner said...

I found "To be creative, you must ignore others" a very interesting statement with a lot of truth to it. As I have moved from making art for myself to it being a home-based business, I've found a lot of people wanting to offer advice...sometimes I get good advice, but more often it just doesn't fit for me! I paint what I feel and love and need to express, not to have a product to sell. While we all need to earn a living, I believe remaining true to your own creative vision is the key. It is great to have other artists available via the internet to support each other in this endeavor!

Marian said...

What an itneresting post Lily. Ive heard that too... ignore what others say about your art. When you create you have to create for yourself. sounds good in theory but it doesnt always work. I think that is something for a later stage in my crafting... when I got to a more stable place... but in the meantime, keeping some balance between what I like and what others want.
Isnt it funny! I have that happening too. You are not fully convinces about something, and then it sells immediately whilst something you love, stays in the shop for months!

Easterya said...

I too was tickled by "To be creative, you must ignore others", and I believe it. Your statement Lily, is like a lifeline for me, a magic formula I will remember always. Thank you!

'fancypicnic' said...

To be creative, you must ignore true is that?!
But we have to learn that, don't we? To train ourselves to let ourselves go, not to be constrained or influenced by others. To find our flow. Great stuff, Lily.
There's no accounting for what others like - we're all so very different!!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

The more I read in our merry go around blogs, the more I discover that we all share similar fears and similar hopes too... but as Karen says, above... stay true to your creative vision... you have talent, don't let insecurity cause you doubt!


Ruth said...

Great post Lily. And I love the ways you are now using your art to create other items.

The part about ignoring others always comes out to me when I do commission. If it's just a variation on one of my designs, that's fine and it feels good. But if it something that really hasn't come from my head, I do struggle. Yes, there is some of me in it, which is why the person asked me to do it and I enter into the design process - but I don't find it satisfying. Result is - I don't tend to do commissions unless there is a good reason to!!!

With the economic crisis I find myself wanting to make cheaper priced peices - but then I don't like the price point dictating what I do.

You raise some great points. THanks for sharing them.
And look at all the publicity you've had in the last week - Dawanda newsletter, Rare birds finds..... I'm so pleased for you.