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Lily Pang Art

Friday, April 18, 2008

Comfortable at Home Batik Style

Today I caught a happy moment of baby playing with my Indonesia helper Ida. Ida was trying to wrap her batik scarf she inherited from her grandmother on my baby's head. They were really happy doing this.
The batik scarf is really beautiful. It is the inspiration of today's piece. I painted the tree in Acrylic and then digitally tweak it.

I always find difficult to make nice colors in my paintings. I just read a book about using colors for artist. One point is very useful to me. It tells me to gather color references. I usually cut out from magazine to gather nice looking colors and their combination. I think it is very useful to me.

Today's color reference is depicted in here that I gathered from a picture in a magazine.
It would be nice to hear others on how you manage your colors.

Print size: 8.5 x 11, $18


Jean Levert Hood said...

She's so adorable, Lily!

I tend to keep a color wheel close by when I paint, it's a must for me!

Lily Pang said...

Thanks for sharing Jean!

Marian said...

what a beautiful little baby!!!!

Well, I ussually keep a color wheel as well. However, I also like painting at night, when the light isnt as good... and I like the "sourprise" of discovering the colors de next day when the sun is up. I know, it sounds a bit kid-like, but its fun and it relaxes me when it comes to colors. I use to stress too much over getting the precise shade...and wasnt enjoying the process anymore.

Another beautiful painting Lily!

malamik said...

Lily you inspired me to show you this link, it's for anyone trying to combine colors of different things, and I've found that artists could REALLY use it!

If you use your computer a lot, this would be key for you!
You'll see a rainbow bar on the page, click it anywhere and watch the magic! FUN!

I hope it helps a little, maybe inspire..
Be well,

malamik said...

I was so focused on telling you about that link to tell you that your daughter is beautiful!

Lily Pang said...

Thanks Marian! I don't know that you paint as well.

I like to paint oils at night before. It was so fun to find the colors are totally different the next day.

Where do you put your paintings?

Lily Pang said...

Mikki, Thanks for the link. Yes, it is a good source of inspiration!

Travis Morgan said...

aw, cute! For colors, I recently found this site that so far looks like a great resource for colors, pallets, color combinations, etc... -

Cécile said...

Hi Lily
your baby daughter is adorable!
I often come and look at your blog, your art is so fresh and feminine; it's happy.

When it comes to colors I use a very narrow palette, five shades at the most. Like: pale yellow, gold ochre, gold green, king's blue, and rose. If I need more colors I use the ones I already have and mix them together. Usually this allows me to keep harmony in my painting.

Lily Pang said...

Thanks Travis for the link. It is a great site.

Hi Cecile, it is a good way to making a harmonious colors. Thanks.

Michelle said...

Lily, I think you need no help. YOu have an intuitive feel for color. YOu just don't know it!
YOur baby is precious!