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Lily Pang Art

Monday, November 26, 2012

Up Close with Maksim

Last night we attended the much anticipated Maksim concert in Esplanade Concert Hall. I kept thinking is it Maksim playing piano alone or with a big orchestra. I search the Internet about the last one he did in Singapore on 2010 and got the feeling that he will play piano alone. I was wondering how he is going to play those pieces with orchestra, drums and even singings.
Last night, I got the answer. I didn't expect it. He was playing alone with orchestra from the sound system.
I love his music and wish that it would be a very grand event with real orchestra in his back.

Nevertheless we enjoyed his playing last night. My daughter is very concentrated in the one and half hour concert and she really enjoyed it. She knows very well of his music through youtube.

Just hope that the music can be more real without those digital sound at the back. I actually do enjoy his solo without the background orchestra sound much better.

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Pili said...

In a way it's also the way to take grand music everywhere, no matter how small the venue, but there's nothing like the music when it's live!