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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Weekend and A Glimpse into Singapore Life

Recently, I suddenly received a letter from one of my high school classmates from China that we haven't communicated for almost a decade. He told me that there is a reunion in the high school and asked if I would like to join. The interesting thing is that he also asked me if I feel bored or not in such a small country Singapore.
Sketching in a Cafe
Many people think that small is boring. He is not alone. When I travel overseas and my friends often asked me the same question. I also heard from some people in Singapore who come from China complaining about nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Botanical Garden Outdoor Concert

To me, a place is boring or not, is not about it's size, is more about the people we stay with and the environment the country provides and also what you are looking for.
Yoga in the Park
When I was young and single, I would follow someone who I love to anywhere even to a dessert. Place is not important. When I have family with children, a place that is good to bring up a child is the one important factor to consider. Singapore is a place that provides me companionship of loved ones and good environment for my children.
Night Walk along Marina Bay
If you have loved ones or friends with you, even taking a simple walk along beautiful Keppel Bay or Garden at the Bay is a luxury enjoyment to me.

Punggol Park Outing
I like trendy fashion and good food, but I am not asking for super expensive and brand goods and luxury life style. I enjoy my small world and occupy my time with things that I love to do. This is the biggest happiness to me.
In the Park with our Helper
One great thing in Singapore is that I have a live in maid to help me taking care of tedious house chores and maintain a sparkling clean house so that I can concentrate on what I like to do such as taking care of my daughter, art and maintaining an active life.
Hiking in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
There are so many interest groups for walking, hiking, cycling, travel, art, food, volunteering, etc. There are so many exciting events and concerts. One special thing in Singapore is that there are many cheap courses available in Community Center provided by the government such as dancing, computer and cooking. You can always learn and make friends there.

Just share what we did in the last weekend and to me Singapore is everything fun and interesting, but boring.
Yoga Session in the Japanese Pavilion

I was part of a regular yoga exercise group. One last weekend morning, we went to the beautiful Japanese Garden to do yoga.
Japanese Garden
The Japanese Garden is huge and beautiful. It is connected to Chinese Garden. I haven't been there for many years and almost forgot there is such a beautiful place in Singapore. The outing reminds me that I should come to visit it more often.

With a Chinese Ghost
In the Saturday evening, Ancient Civilization Museum had a Halloween night. We took the chance to visit the museum as well as enjoy the Halloween party and performance.
Monster Dance
My daughter had a good fun with her friends in the park on Sunday. I love to bring her to outdoor activities whenever there is time.
Playing in the Park
 The November weather is nice in Singapore with more raining days. It is quite cool.
Nutcracker on Ice
My daughter is learning ballet and she is very familiar with the Nutcracker story. I thought it was a good idea to bring her to the Nutcracker on Ice by Imperial Ice Stars since it had performance on the weekend in Marina Bay Sand (MBS). It turned out to be a really joyful event on Sunday night. She knew exactly what's going on and what will happen next and enjoy the show very much.

After that we had a wonderful dinner in Ding Tai Fung in MBS and that marked the end of a eventful weekend for us.
Walking along Pongal the Water town
I would say, if  you are willing to try, there are always interesting thing you can do and interesting people you can meet. Even, you choose to be alone,  you can always go shopping to feel the pulse of one of the most modern and cosmopolitan countries in Asia, read in the library and day dream in your home.

In Singapore a word you hear often is "upgrading". People upgrade their home from small to big and government constantly upgrades our neighborhood. You always find there are surprises here and there about new things, new facilities in the park and new gardens in the community. You know that this is a country that you want to be part of it.

If there is something boring about Singapore, I would say it is the weather. There is no season, only summer and rainy seasons. But leave some time to feel bored is also fun, isn't it?

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