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Lily Pang Art

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tree in April Collage Print, Baby Drawings and My Garden

This is another version of Tree in April. Few weeks ago, I painted the acrylic version of Tree in April.

I like newspaper collage very much and also the music notes. It is very fun to play with them in this collage print.

The is the large print version. It adds very warm touch to the living area.
 Baby loves to draw these days. She spent hours and hours on drawing. Most of them are little people with boys and girls, princess and prince. The small people are very energetic and you feel the strong flow in the drawing. It amazes me every time.
My garden is flouring these days. The murraya tree suddenly blossoms with so many white small flowers that attracts many bees. It has very strong fragrance lingering in my balcony.
The herbal garden is grown very well. The newly planted lemon balm from cutting stems. They all survive very well. I like to make a lemon balm leave tea everyday. It is very soothing.
The rosemary and Thai sweet basil are growing very well as well. I used rosemary to bake or fry chicken and potatoes. The dishes are totally changed once the rosemary is added. The smell and taste are so much better that the rosemary gets ride of the original unpleasant tastes of the meat or potatoes. The basil is used to add into tomato ham spaghetti. The pretty Lantana is nearby with beautiful bright yellow pink flower.


Pili said...

I absolutely love the collage with the music print, so lovely!

Jean Levert Hood said...

great post, Lily! And I love the drawing! how adorable!
Hope all is well with you these days.

Anonymous said...
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