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Lily Pang Art

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Singapore General Election 2011

 Cheering for their Party during Rally
I was in an emotional roller-coaster during last few days. It is my first time that I was so involved in the general election.

I am surprise to get the truth that there are so many people more than 40% that are not happy in one way or another about the current status of Singapore and their government. Some of the people who voted the ruling party PAP (People's Action Party) not because they are happy with PAP but they are not ready for the oppositions to govern them yet. If including these people, there may be more than 40% or 45% people are not happy with the PAP.

How will the government deal with it? Will Singapore be better off or worse tomorrow if PAP tries to soften it's policies and make people happy?

I don't like to see that Singapore is going into the direction like other so called democratic countries in Asia with so many different voices in the parliament and it is so hard to get things done. But I don't like to see there are so many unhappy people in the country either. What is the government all about? To me it is about to make people happy and live a meaningful life. It is really a great challenge to the Singapore government in the next five years. If it can still maintain rapid economy progress and at the same time make people happier, it will be the perfect government in the world.

But on the other hand, Singaporeans must be brave and ride on the waves of the changes rapidly happening in the world. Try to make the changes in favor of you not against you. The truth is that in the world where creativeness, ideas and capital are big commodities, the richer is getting richer and richer and poorer will be poorer and poorer.  Nobody can help you better be the government or oppositions other than yourself.

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