Lily Pang Art

Lily Pang Art

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poppies Pink Flower Garden Elegant Rectangle Glass Pendant

This glass pendant is listed yesterday in my Dawanda store. and I found it is sold this morning. I guess it is a beautiful glass pendant. Yes, sometime I need people to confirm if something is good or not.

I am busy making glass pendants these days and I love it. It is so satisfying to see my paintings were put into small glass tiles and becomes wearable art. They look so exquisite and elegant.

I am so shocked to read news about a Chinese doctor Lishan Wang is suspect in killing one of his former colleagues a fellow Indian doctor in Yale University in United States. It was such a horrible incident. I am so thankful that Singapore doesn't allow people to own guns. It is just too easy to kill with guns. I feel so sad for both of the families.

Tomorrow will be another post from our Merry-go-Round group. We have done some exchange of items among out group members. I got a fantastic beautiful pendant from Esteraya. Do come back to check what do I get!


Karen Faulkner said...

It is indeed a beautiful pendant!

Jan Irving said...

Wow, that's a nice one, Lily!