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Lily Pang Art

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Kiss Bird Flower Tree Wearable Art Round Glass Pendant

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This is a glass pendant I made with beautiful glass tile from Annie Howes. I just received some gorgeous round glass tiles from Annie Howes. Annie Howes makes one of  the most beautiful round glass tiles. They are doomed on top and flat at the back. It is crystal clear and beautifully round. Although it is much more expensive to buy glass tiles from her, it is worthwhile if you want to make a perfect art glass pendant.
I am busy making glass tiles and prints for orders today. My baby's school is going to have a anniversary celebration. I'll donate some magnets and glass pendants for activity prices. The above is one of the magnets that I'll donate. The glass pendants are half done. I was just printing and sticking prints with glues on glass tiles and magnets all day today. It is really a very busy but happy day.

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Jan Irving said...

Love this pendant. Have a great weekend away!