Lily Pang Art

Lily Pang Art

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

House Moving Break and Tree of Life Bird Abstract Landscape Glass Pendant

As I mentioned before that I need to move to my old apartment which is near the school that my daughter is going to attend. This week, finally I start to pack everything and get ready to move.

I'll stop blogging for a few days. Luckily Singapore is very small, it is not a huge effort to move a house. I still accept my orders and process them.

See you then when I settle down at about end  of the week.  I forgot that my blog aniversery is here. I think I'll celebrate it when I am back. Watch out for something that I may give away if you are interest in it.


florcita said...

Lily, if you don' t mind me asking, why do you have to move so your kid can go to school?? sounds so weird to me. Either way, good luck with packing and moving!! Hope it's not too warm when you are at it!

Ruth said...

Good luck with the move Lily. Hope it's not too stressful.