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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hummingbird Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

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I have been very busy recently with my parents visiting Singapore for few weeks. I accompany them to visit many attractions in Singapore such as Universal Studio, Garden of the Bay, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo.

They have been here two years back.  But they are still very impressed by Singapore and the new attractions emerged within these years such as the Garden of the Bay and Sentosa Sea Aquarium. We had a really wonderful time.
 This is a 50 x 60cm/16 x 20" gallery wrapped canvas print of Humming bird I made today for a customer. I love the canvas print. the colors are fantastic. It is also better to touch because it is made of fabric.

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Pili said...

Having the family over to visit and enjoy showing off the new places is a great way to spend a few days!

I've been in India with the bf for a few days and it's great discovering new places in Delhi!