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Lily Pang Art

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and Red Tree

I was watching the Chinese Ghost Story in the holiday time and was attracted to the scene with a big red tree. I cannot get rid of the image from my mind since then till I paint one with the similar scene.

In the last day of 2011, I wish everyone a great new year. My new year resolution is to spend more time on creating in original paintings, printmaking and illustrations! I wish I will have great new pieces in the new year!


Ria said...

Hi Lily,

I'm one of your quiet little fans out there. Happy New Year!

I receive many, many emails in my inbox everyday from various e-newsletters etc I subscribe to. Many of these emails go unopened but I *always* open yours because I know there's always a lovely and original delight awaiting. Thank you for sharing - the soft and beautiful whimsy in your art brings warmth to my heart, and I'm sure the hearts of many others.

Best wishes for another year of creativity and artistic adventure ;-)


Lily Pang said...

Hi Ria,

Thank you so much! I was very encouraged to do more work!

Happy new year to you too!