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Lily Pang Art

Monday, June 7, 2010

House Renovation Experiences and Blue Bird Glass Pendant

Many things happened in the past few weeks. Good news is that my house renovation work is almost finished. I got the house fresh painted, installed new lighting fixtures, new aircons and made over for the kitchen. The bad news is my baby daughter was hospitalized for a few days for pneumonia, but the good news is that she is fully recovered now. Just being very busy these days.

I would like to share some experience of how to manage renovation work and also to make a closure for the work.

I engaged several contractors to do the renovation. I found now days the good contractors are very busy with their work and they take long time to come to attend your needs. They told me that Singapore suddenly has increased so much population from 3 million 10 years ago to almost 5 million now. Too many people need to  renovate their house. If you engage someone that you haven't work with, you better be very careful to monitor their work even as small as a job to install wall light. The contractor who did the installation work for me didn't apply silicon gel on my outdoor wall light to seal the gap between the base of light and wall. I called him and ask him to do that, he charged me again. When he went to do the work, he only sealed top half of the base of the light and wall, not the whole. I was careful this time and stood beside him to see how he did the job. I asked him why he only sealed half, he told me that the water will not go inside the bottom half because of the oval shape of the base. It is just a small wall light. It is not a big job to seal the whole base and he try not to do it properly.
Blue Bird Elegant Glass Pendant
I found the following forum Renotalk is very helpful if you need to understand how certain things work. Before you embark on doing anything, you better equip yourself with certain knowledge as how things should be done properly, the critical part of the job and roughly the cost. For example, to install an aircon, you need to know how to choose the size of pipe and the importance of insulation thickness. The workmanship during installation is very important for the longevity of the aircon. Thus you need to engage a high quality professional contractor not just the cheap one. I don't have any idea about these issues before I read the posts in the forum.

Hope this is helpful for anyone who starts to some renovation.

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LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

At least you are doing your homework on finding out what you need to know to make sure they are doing the correct job. Good girl!

Sorry to hear about your daughter, but glad she is recovered. That must have been scary.

Love your new bird pendant!!