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Lily Pang Art

Friday, June 11, 2010

Corporate Gift Idea Magnets and Laptop Skins

I was busy with some corporate orders for laptop skins for the last few days. The company ordered a large number of laptop skins as gifts for their customers in an exhibition. I would like to introduce cooperate gift idea into our store with laptop skins and magnets.

Here are the guide for you to order cooperate gifts.

Why Our Corporate Gifts are Special?

Does your company need some special gifts or souvenir for your clients, visitors or employees? Do you need some freebies for you potential customers in an exhibition or events? If so, the laptop skin and magnets are great gift ideas for your company. We can cooperate your company log and your product description into the magnets and laptop skins with our art image to produce an artist laptop skin or magnet with your cooperate information. The art laptop skins or magnets allow your customers to know your company products as well as give them a beautiful piece of art for their laptop and walls. It is a wonderful and subtle way to advertise for your company.

 You can use your own design or take a design from the images from our store. We will cooperate your company logo and business description into our image. For example, the above blue bird laptop skin uses Lily Pang Art & Design logo and description. Same for the magnets, but you need to have short description for magnets.

For magnets, there are round and square shapes. They are all 5cm/2.5".

For laptop skins, there are X, M and L size. The L size is about 26 x 36cm/10 x 14". You can also send us your required sizes. The laptop skins will be made according to your sizes. We will arrange the design to fit perfectly to you size before print them out.


 We are able to produce large quantity within short time. Just send us email about your requirements and inquiry. Price per piece various according to the total amount you order.

How to Order

You select an image from the Laptop Skin Image Gallery and Magnet Section. Send us your cooperate logo and description and any other message that you would like to put into your laptop. We will design the laptop skin and discuss with you about the layout.

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