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Lily Pang Art

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In the Garden Female Print, Ang Ping Ping and Early Summer Work-in-Progress

This is the print is just produced today from painting In the Garden. It measures 31 x 47cm and has a lamination on top of the print. I like the look and feel of the print. It looks really beautiful.
 Mixed Media @Ang Ping Ping
It was very hot these days in Singapore. The school that my baby goes has several cases of Hand, Foot and Mouse disease. My baby has to stay at home for several days to avoid contracting the disease. She doesn't feel well with running nose today. I send her to the KK Women and Children Hospital to see her patrician to make sure she is fine. Over there I was very happy to see a real painting of Ang Ping Ping a Singaporean painter in the children clinic. From an interview about her work, she said that a lot of her work is inspired by her toddler son. Ya, you can feel it, don't you? I like her work very much and you can find out more about her work at Singapore's local online art gallery Fill Your Wall

My baby is fine just with a minor flu.
   Work in Progress "Early Summer"

I just squeezed sometime to start this painting "Early Summer". I am not sure how the name came up. The recent hot weather and some news reports of early starting of summer in certain parts of the world may trigger the name. Anyway I think it is a romantic name.

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Jan Irving said...

I really like Early Summer, Lily!

Glad your baby is all right.