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Lily Pang Art

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Early Summer Flower Girl Garden Romantic Print , Laptop Skin Fill Your Wall Art Gallery

My husband told me that he likes the girl without solid hair as in the first post of Early Summer. It is as the follows:
I wonder which one you like the better. I found it lacks a bit contrast without the solid hair. To compromise I lower a bit of the hair tone and add the lines for the hair as in the first image. But I do like the second image as well as it gives more romantic atmosphere. 

I created my profile in the local Singapore art gallery Fill Your Wall. I uploaded some big original paintings there as they are too heavy to be shipped outside Singapore. My gallery is at HERE.

I found many interesting paintings and artist there. One of them is Sri Rages. She is very hard-working and bold artist with many beautiful creations. I hope you enjoy her work.

Last but not the least  the new laptop skin. 
My baby didn't go to school the whole week due to the hand foot and mouth disease case in her school. She talks more and more complete sentences now. Suddenly she likes to say "Hear me mommy, I want this, Hear me mommy I want that". If I don't react quickly enough to her request, she will repeatably says "Hear me". So funny.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

Both are nice, I think I like the one with the solid hair. It makes a great lapskin. I am so enjoying my bird magnets. THANK YOU! Your daughter sounds like a sweetheart !!


Lily Pang said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you very much! Yes, I will take the solid hair I think.