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Monday, February 8, 2010

Humming Bird Glass Pendant, Chinese New Year Preparations and Chopin Music Concert

This is a photo from Jan Irving of the Humming Bird square glass pendant that she ordered from me. It is so beautifully taken. As I said before, I love all her photos in her blog. The another photo is taken with the pendant and a matching cord. You can check it here. It is really beautiful. Thank you very much Jan!
I spent much of my time doing shopping for the Chinese New Year. It is on Feb. 14th. I'll be away to spend it in my another house. The flowers is ready for the house. Most of the flowers are Chrysanthemums. In Chinese, Chrysanthemum is called "Ju Hua". The sound of "Ju" is very nice. It means auspicious in Chinese. Thus, we must have "Ju Hua" in Chinese New Year.
The baby cloth is also ready. She will be wearing it on the first day of Chinese New Year and say "Gong Xi" (congratulations) to everyone she will meet. She looks absolutely gorgeous with the cloth. I'll post one after the Chinese New Year. The little cloth is decorated with "Ju Hua" and Peonies.

 We just found out that there was a Chopin piano concert at the Singapore botanical garden on Sunday afternoon. It is to celebrate Chopin's 200th birthday. The pianist is gorgeous looking  Polish pianist Leszek Mozdzer. He must be very busy with the performance because after he finished the concert he immediately needs to go to take airplane to somewhere else.

We sit with many people on the grass land and  the weather was fantastic that was cloudy with gentle breezy. It was a really enjoying afternoon with great music and weather.


Pili said...

Oh, that must have been lovely! Sitting in the grass and listening to Chopin!

And that gorgeous baby clothing! Love the red colour and the embroidery!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Lily Pang said...

Thank Pili! Red and gold are the Chinese new year colors. You have very pretty new photo!

Jan Irving said...

I love your blog too, Lily.

Here Chinese New Year is important also. I'm looking forward to it! Loved your photo of the concert.

Lily Pang said...

Thank you Jan!