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Lily Pang Art

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Lovely Pair Poppies Rectangle Glass Pendants

Size:1.5" x 5/8"/3.8 x 1.8cm
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I was working on some orders these days. One of them is the lovely pair of rectangle glass pendants of purple and blue poppies.

It really involves a lot of try and errors to make glass pendants. If you are not lucky, after the pendant dries, you found that there are air bubbles inside and it looks so ugly. The pendant usually takes 12 hours to dry and it only shows when it is completely dry that there are air bubbles.

I found that some of the tiles will create more air bubbles and are very difficult to attache adhesive nicely. One trick is to wash them with warm soapy water. I don't know why. I just figured it out from the shapes of bubbles and look like there are oily things trapped in. I usually wash it using water before using them. I guess it is not enough and I use soapy water. It works much better now.

If you want to learn how to make glass pendants, just go to Etsy forum and search it. There are free tutorials there. But most important thing is that you have to try it out.


florcita said...

I've wanted to try it out for a long time. Your pendants look so beautiful!
But where to get supplies! I should look around.
I can't really access Etsy- if you see one of those free tuts, can you bring them here sometimes... pleeeease...
You don't have to, but if you ever need to fill a day :) thanks...

Great work as always!

Poets Design said...

Hi Lily Pang
How are you?
I am first time visiting your blog, Very nice content. I hope we can be a friend and we can exchange the link of the blog
Have a nice day

Lily Pang said...


How come you cannot access etsy? Too bad. The tutorial is:

I got supplies from Etsy. But you cannot access etsy. What can you do then? Try search internet to see if you can get from there.