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Lily Pang Art

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Gaze and The Singapore Arts Street 2008

The Detail
The last two days I was at the Singapore Arts Street 2008. It was a very interesting event. It was held in the HDB heartland and I was able to get some feeling of how ordinary people in Singapore viewing art.

Many people came to see the exhibition. A lot of them spent quite a long time viewing paintings one by one, especially for those modern abstract art created by art school students. I think Singaporean are really art loving people.

I am very happy to find some very interesting exhibitions. One is the Peranakan art created by the famous Singapore Artist Tung Yue Nang. I had a very good conversation with him and got some valuable advises from the veteran artist.

He has been spent last 10 years focusing on the Peranakan series that depict the beautiful Peranakan culture. The following is one of them at the exhibition.

The another interesting show is the folk art painting. There was a demonstration by the artist on the site. I got to see the whole process of developing some beautiful flower, bird, and landscape motifs. If you are interested, the artists also hold classes for you to learn. Just drop by next weekends to find out more.

About the "The Gaze", long time I have been thinking of creating something very beautiful and warm in colors. I love to paint beautiful girls and this how the painting is created.

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas,

Size: 16 x 20, $350 + $40 S & H

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Michelle said...

Lily, her face is very beautiful.
Glad you are back!