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Lily Pang Art

Sunday, January 6, 2008

MAAD - Market for Artist and Designer Experience

Me with my store

Some paintings are displayed in cloth rack. I am surprised that people like to browse them a lot.

It was a very interesting two day event in MAAD. I found that people do love arts and want to own them when they see something nice. But they like to have them in really cheap price. They don't value original as much. If they like a piece, they don't mind to have it in print.

The MAAD experience gives me a lot to think about of my direction in painting. I am sure I want to do paintings only. I don't have much passion on other things such as painting on T-shirt although they are selling well as the crow to MAAD is filled with most young people.

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Terry Banderas said...

Thanks for sharing your photos from the art show. I was interested to see how you used the cloths rack. I think you are correct--many people do not care if they buy a print as opposed to an original. Prints are generally cheaper so they will buy them.