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Sunday, March 10, 2013

My New Smartphone Xperia Z

My birthday falls into this month and I got my birthday gift last week. It is a purple Sony Xperia Z smartphone.

I decided to buy Sony over Samsung this time mainly is because the Xperia Z has more powerful camera and video capability, i.e., 13 megapixel camera and HD video. Now, I no longer need to carry my camera along with my phone in my handbag.

Of course, Xperia Z is really lovely. I like the rectangle sleek look. The screen size is just nice. It is not so big and heavy as Samsung Note II.

The most convenience thing it brings to me is that when I go for my daughter's piano lesson, I use the phone to record the class video and play back at home using the phone as well. While in before, I use my camera to record the videos and download them to my computer to play them. I need to carry my heavy laptop to view them. Now, I can put the phone on top of the piano to study the videos when helping my daughter in practicing. I also use the metronome app in the phone to set the rhythm for playing. It is so easy to do all these now.

I am very satisfied with the phone except one big surprise. When I start the phone, it asks me about my Google account. After I logon, I am overwhelmed that it populates automatically so much information about me such as my contacts, my photos, videos. It automatically connects to my home Wi-Fi without asking about WEP password. Basically, Google somehow stores everything that I have entered in my other Samsung phone and automatically share it with all other Android phones that I may have.

It is a bit scary to see that a new phone knows so much of you.

Just be very very careful about using your phone!

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