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Lily Pang Art

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spring Field Limited Edition of 4 Reduction Linocut Print

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It takes a whole day for me except being a "Minister of Home Affair (MHA)" to complete the print. I just got this "MHA"  new job title from my family members because of the things I do such as chauffeur everyone around to save their traffic time, design daily meal menus and take care of bills and make appointments. It sounds better than "House Wife", isn't it?

Applied the First Color
While making the print, I need constantly to look out to balance the different colored parts and white parts during cutting the lino board.

Since I cut away the color that I want to preserve after applying each color, if there is a big mistake, I cannot reverse it. The print just has to be thrown away. If nothing goes wrong, in the end, the lino board surface is almost cut away flat and all the hard work of previous cuttings are gone. That's why the reductive relief printmaking is also called "suicide printmaking".
Applied the Green Color
Applied the Dark Purple Color
This is a limited edition of 4 prints. The print measures 7 x 12"/17 x 30cm with a boarder for frame.
I like the texture of the print. Because I use hand to push the papers to make print and that makes uneven texture of the color. I think this is the beauty of hand-pull printmaking.

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