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Lily Pang Art

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

可爱的台湾 (Lovely Taiwan)

I am very sorry that I haven't update the blog for a long time. I was in Taiwan during the Chinese New Year holidays. It was really a fun and happy trip.
Taiwan is really lovely and charming. 台湾太可爱了. This is my first time been there. We all know that China has thousands years of civilization and 礼 (civil and polite) is very important in our culture. But I failed to see it in mainland China although everyone there is talking about it. From Taiwan, I suddenly realized how a Chinese country should be with teachings of Confucius for thousands of years.

I joked with my husband, every time I came back from other countries including China and the moment I arrived in Singapore changi airport, I feel so good that I was coming home. But after coming back from Taiwan, Singapore is a bit unfamiliar to me.

I miss Taiwan and will definitely going back again!

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Pili said...

Everything looks lovely, I'll keep Taiwan in mind for a visit for sure!