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Lily Pang Art

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hummingbird Original Watercolor Painting and Yue Yue

My daughter has long hours in school today because she has a school outing. I enjoy some rear moment of alone at home and paint without constant distracting of a 4 year old. Love to paint the birds and flowers.
 The bird details.
It is a very sad day today that the toddler Yue Yue who was hit twice by a van and a truck dies after 8 days of struggling with the horrific traffic accident. I followed the story very closely. You can find the article in Asia one Chinese hit-and-run toddler dies.

The incident may be the most talked about topic now in China's media. I don't dare to look at the video that captured the incident and showed how the toddler was run over three times. In between there are 18 people walking passed her and no one helped her. The first driver who knocked her down stopped his car for a while and decided to keep driving by running over her again. It is too disgusting!!!

People are asking what happen to the Chinese people nowadays?!!!

May Yue Yue rest in peace!

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