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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Blue Original Watercolor Painting and Canvas Prints

Order the Painting
I painted this on a bigger paper than the last few ones on 12" x 9" /30 x 23cm.
The Details
I got some request on prints of the watercolor painting. I provide a few of them now. The size range from 5 x 7" to 28 x 43". You can also choose different type of paper such as canvas cloth, art paper and vinyl. For smaller canvas prints, I provide gallery wrapped canvas print up to the size of 18 x 24".
Order the Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print
These are on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. It looks very pretty.
Order the Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

You can also choose large prints on canvas or paper.
Order Large Print
Order Large Print

Order the Large Print
Have a nice weekend!

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